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Entry #2

Madness innncooming!

2010-04-18 11:55:30 by hiddenthecakeisalie

Everyone loves madness. The Moar Madness, the better. So I'm adding my own mark on the Madness world, and putting a lot of effort into it as well. Not one of those shitty 1 week animations that are so rushed that even blind people laugh at the sight of it. i don't even have a name for it yet, but I CAN tell you its a zombie slaying tricky-bashing good time.

Oh, and there's Hank in it, too. Plus smooth animation (even for the feet!)

I've pretty much lost all interest in the sprite movie I made (happens with a lot of my animations)a nd that stick figure thing I was doing (still a little hope for it though). So most of my time is being spent on Madness and little drawing I make with flash.


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2010-04-18 13:30:55

Sounds good. Can't wait for Moar Madness!

hiddenthecakeisalie responds:

Thanks! Trust me, its not something you wanna miss (as far as i'm concerned )


2010-04-26 04:59:51

Make a test to prove your animation.

hiddenthecakeisalie responds:

I'm about two minutes in. There's not much I can show as of yet. Sorry :P
When i add more i'll upload a small preview of the video. Plus, not even the two minutes i've done are polished to perfection. I don't want to throw crap around to prove a point. Although I DID upload a soundtrack not even a minute after this comment that i'll use (hopefully). Well, that's if everything goes right.